Frogen R407C Refrigerant Gas 11.3 KG Disposable Cylinder

Frogen R407C Refrigerant Gas 11.3 KG Disposable Cylinder

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425.00 AED 375.00 AED

Class: HFC
Refrigerant Type: Blend
Lubrication: POE

. Light Commercial Air-Conditioning
. Refrigeration Purposes
. Replacement of R22

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Frogen R407C Refrigerant Gas was developed by Frogen Ltd. to provide a non-ozone depleting substitute for Frogen R-22 in a range of air conditioning applications, as well as a variety of refrigeration systems.

Because Frogen R407C Refrigerant Gas is closely matched in performance with Frogen R-22, it can also serve as a retrofit refrigerant fluid in applications which have previously used Frogen R22.

Frogen products are developed under stringent quality control by our refrigerant specialists.

Certainly, If you are in the market for the replacement of refrigerant gases, contact ANBI AIR Condition LLC as we specialize in selling branded refrigerants product and replacement parts.

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