Flanged Linear 3 Port Valve PN16 Honeywell V5329A

Flanged Linear 3 Port Valve PN16 Honeywell V5329A

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Honeywell 3 Way Control Valve 


3 Way Valve Honeywell V5329A


These three-port mixing valves are used for modulating control of hot or chilled water in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems and can be operated by electric linear actuators as ML6420/6425, ML7420/7425, M6421/7421 or by pneumatic actuators MP953.


  • Cast iron body with flanged end connections
  • Metal to metal seating for long life span
  • Self-adjusting packing
  • Accurate positioning to ensure state of the art
  • Temperature control
  • Direct-coupled electric and pneumatic actuators for easy mounting
  • Constant total flow throughout full plug travel
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