Filter Direr Core York YA48

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Replaceable Filter Direr Core York YA48


The filter drier is a Johnson Controls YORK OEM part which is ⅜”.
OEM refers to “original equipment manufacturer” which in this case is Prior to requesting a quote for the part it is recommended that you verify the make and model of your equipment.

Core with 80% molecular sieve and 20% activated alumina.


Replaceable Filter Direr Core York YA48


The filter drier as in the YORK, serves a fundamental role in refrigeration systems. In addition to refrigeration systems, filter driers are also found in air conditioning systems.

While the types of filter-driers vary, there are essentially two primary activities the devices are responsible for: Eliminating moisture
Cleansing particulates

Filter drier york molded core is a composite of molecular sieve and activated alumina, artfully blended , providing very high mechanical strength, outstanding filtration capability, high moisture adsorption and acid removal

If you are in the market for the replacement filter driers, contact ANBI AIR Condition LLC,  as we specialize in YORK replacement parts.

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