FCU Valve Package Compact Commissioning Centres HERZ

FCU Valve Package Compact Commissioning Centres HERZ

From: 650.00 AED

The unit allows pressure independent control ensuring full stroke regardless of pressure fluctuations, while guaranteeing a constant flow rate to the terminal unit maximizing energy efficiency.

FCU Valve Package Company HERZ always think about future, trying to extend the product range in order to fulfill every demand, and every task that industry gives. One of the latest products that were introduced by HERZ is the Compact Connect 4 -simple and reliable fan coil connection – if the project requires a special compact solution- we are happy to serve. Everything needed for a successful connection of the terminal unit is supplied in one package.

• Minimized design time and risks due to complete solution
• Perfect performance of the complete unit
• Compact design for limited space availability
• Minimized installation and commissioning costs
• Allows easy flushing and coil isolation
• Simple attachment to existing hangers
• Integrated fitting lug for ease of installation
• High comfort with minimized operation and maintenance costs
• Connecting kit for terminal units
• Reduced on-site working time
• Factory proved for minimum leakage risk
• No flushing via the regulating valve


Technical data
Max. operating pressure 16 bar
Min. operating temperature – 20 °C
Max. operating temperature 130 °C
Lift 4 mm
The integrated control unit together with the actuating drive is responsible for modular control. Various actuating drives might
be used (see also chapter: Accessories and spare parts).
kvs values of PIBCV
DN 15 0,94 m³/h
DN 20 1,71 m³/h


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