Electric Actuated Industrial Ball Valve PVC CEPEX

Electric Actuated Industrial Ball Valve PVC CEPEX

Automatic regulation with actuated valves

Model : Ball Valves Industrial – Electric Actuation
Sizes : D20-D110
Materials : PVC-U
Pressure : PN16

An electric actuator is used to open and close the PVC ball valve. These valve actuators are available in voltage ranges from 12 volts up to 240 volts in both AC and DC. Standard features include a manual override, LED power on/diagnostic light and DIN plug connectors for easy wiring.


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Concept & Typical Application

• The actuator operates by means of a motor switched on by electrical signals.
• No need for compressed air installation neither electrovalve.
• Indicated for applications with one or a few actuators.
• Operation time medium/high (min. 7-8 s), effective to avoid water hammers.
• Reduced weight and dimensions.
• Optional accessories: visual position indicator, manual control, safety block, torque limiter, digital positioning system.
• Not indicated for environments with explosion possibilities, very wet or saline ones.
• Life: 20.000 guaranteed cycles.

Electric Actuator Specs

• Electric actuators J+J and Valpes.
• Available voltages:

– 12-48 V AC-DC
– 80-240 V AC-DC


– 12-24 V AC-DC
– 115 and 230 V AC

• Manual override and visual position indicator.
• Torque limiter.
• BSR Safety Block.
• Digital Positioner System. 4-20 mA ó 0-10 V.

Body Material

Connection Type

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