Ductile Iron Flanged Foot Valve

Ductile Iron Flanged Foot Valve

Foot valves work by ensuring that the water in a well pump only flows in one direction. Foot valves are a type of check valve, but they differ in that the flow area is larger in size than the rest of the pipe. This limits the amount of head loss in the pumping system.


  1. Disc Check valve
  2. Body Valve: Epoxy Coated GGG40 Ductile Iron
  3. Flanged Ends according to DIN 2501 PN16
  4. Seal: EPDM
  5. Stem & guide: Ductile Iron
  6. Silent Closing
  7. Normal Working Pressure: 16 BAR
  8. Working Temp – -10Dec to +120DegC
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