Dual Motor Run AC Capacitors Powertex

Dual Motor Run AC Capacitors Powertex

PowerTex Brand

From: 14.00 AED

Burst Proof Series (P2 Type) Aluminum AC Capacitor

Powertex Dual Motor Run AC Capacitors are developed after extensive Research & Development.

Electrical characteristics of this Motor Run AC can withstand the load of the current for many years.

Applications include Air Conditioners, Motors, Compressors, Air Handlers, Refrigeration Units, Furnaces, Machine Tools, Conveyors, Heat Pumps, etc.


Powertex Features
  • Made with special technology metalized film that extends the life of capacitors.
  • Can operate with the same efficiency over a wide range of temperatures and humidity.
  • A dual motor capacitor can come as a single unit with a dual purpose.
  • Can be even used in appliances such as washing machines.
  • Built-in pressure-sensitive interrupter designed to rupture connection whenever there is a rise in internal pressure.
  • Low internal power losses – conserve energy.
  • Single and dual Ratings.
  • Non-PCB encapsulation.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Safe tin-plated terminals.
  • High insulation resistance.



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