Daewoo Microwave KOR-1N3A

Daewoo Microwave KOR-1N3A


Daewoo Microwave KOR-1N3A Oven 31 Litres. Daewoo Freestanding Microwave Oven at the best price from ANBI Online – the Best in the Middle East & Africa.

Daewoo Microwave KOR-1N3A Oven 31 Litres


Daewoo Solo Microwave Oven KOR-1N3A – Deawoo products at Best Prices in the Middle East and Africa.

Daewoo KOR-1N3A is a 31 Litres Free-Standing Solo Microwave Oven.

  • Mechanical control
  • Re-Heat & Defrost
  • Power output 1000W
  • White Color
  • Net weight 13.4 Kg
  • W515 x H304 x D375 mm

Manufacture Model No.


Free Standing Solo Microwave Oven


1 Year


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