Cistern Toilet Repair Fill valve Only Side, Brass Inlet ANBI Italy


25.00 AED

  • Toilet Parts & Repair – Fill Valve, Inlet Valve, Flush Valve Side Inlet with 3/8″ Brass


Fill Valve Side Inlet ANBI Italy Universal Toilet Repair Part


The fill valve is adjustable in height allowing installation in a range of different height cisterns. Toilet cistern with a top flush cistern cover or in a furniture unit where the push button is on the countertop. Bring old tired cisterns back to life and working like new.




  • High-performance fill valve – 2x greater refill rate
  • Fits all-ceramic cistern adjustable height
  • Wide Hydraulic closure pressure range 0.1-10bar
  • Top Silent 12-13db(A) far exceeds sound Class1 requirements 20db
  • Faster Installation
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