Butterfly Valve CI PN16 Fully Lug HERZ 4219

Butterfly Valve CI PN16 Fully Lug HERZ 4219

From: 320.00 AED

Butterfly valves provide bi-directional dead-end service in commercial and industrial service. To make your selection easier, ANBI offers specification and submittal assistance. You also get the assurance of the HERZ warranty, along with superior customer service expertise.

Product List

1421911Butterfly Valve, fully lugged version50
1421912Butterfly Valve, fully lugged version65
1421913Butterfly Valve, fully lugged version80
1421914Butterfly Valve, fully lugged version100
1421915Butterfly Valve, fully lugged version125
1421916Butterfly Valve, fully lugged version150
1421917Butterfly Valve, fully lugged version200
1421918Butterfly Valve, fully lugged version250
1421919Butterfly Valve, fully lugged version300

These valves are available in Lever & Gear Type and is suitable for Semi & Fully Lugged Type.

The butterfly valve have the body,

Type „BA“: GG, JL 1040, accor. EN 1561
Type „BB“: GGG, JS1030, accor. EN 1563.

The body has blue color (RAL 5017). Inside the body is a rubber liner made of EPDM in accordance with an ISO 1691, the disc is made of brass, nickel plated and the drive shaft split into 2 parts is made of Stainless Steel 1.4021 accor. to EN 10088.

The valve are available in Semi-lugged (type BA) or Fully-lugged (type BB) versions.
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Body Material

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