Blue Ocean AL/PERT Multilayer Composite Pipe for Gas Transportation

Blue Ocean AL/PERT Multilayer Composite Pipe for Gas Transportation

Blueocean Brand

From: 277.50 AED

Blue Ocean PERT/AL/PERT overlap welding multilayer composite pipe in coils for gas transportation (Nominal
pressure up to PN. 1.6 Mpa)

Blue Ocean PERT/AL/PERT Multilayer composite pipes


Blue Ocean PERT/Al/PERT pipe is made of 5 layers with outside and inside layers produced of PERT. Middle layer is made of overlap or butt-welded aluminium layer. Outside
and inside polymer layers are connected to aluminium by high-molecular adhesive layers.
Aluminium layer guarantees low thermal expansion and 100% oxygen barrier.

Main advantages:

• Easiness of installation
• High temperature resistance
• High flexibility of PERT pipes comparing to PEX pipes
• Minimal linear expansion
• Oxygen barrier
• Resistance to harsh and aggressive water additives
• No corrosion


• Hot, cold and drinking water transportation
• Under-floor heating and cooling
• Wall and ceiling heating and cooling
• Radiator connections
• Air-conditioning systems
• Indoor gas transportation


PERT/AL/PERT overlap welding composite pipe for gas transportation for indoor application, yellow color, PN. 1.6 Mpa (Series Code BO – 020100500000)

Product codeOutside diameter, mmWall thickness, mmPipes SerialWater working pressure, MPaQuantity per package, pieces/ m
PERT/AL/PERT (X) OLW- G -16×2.0 – c (in coils)162PERT/AL-GAS1.6200
PERT/AL/PERT (X) OLW- G -20×2.0 – c (in coils)202PERT/AL-GAS1.6100
PERT/AL/PERT (X) OLW- G -25×2.5 – c (in coils)252.5PERT/AL-GAS1.650
PERT/AL/PERT (X) OLW- G -32×3.0 – c (in coils)323PERT/AL-GAS1.650

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