Air Conditioner Split Gree Q4`Matic-H24C3

Air Conditioner Split Gree Q4`Matic-H24C3

Gree Electric Air Conditioner Supplier Dubai ANBI

  • Air Conditioner Split Gree Q4`Matic-H24C3 Export Quality


Gree Air Conditioner Split Mount Q4`Matic-H24C3 from ANBI Online – Shop the largest choice of Air Conditioners. Browse thousands of great deals on gree products with fast delivery.

Split Air Conditioner Gree Q4`Matic-H24C3 Export Quality


  • Q4 Matic Series: Cooling
  • Refrigerant: R410a
  • Type: High Wall – Freestanding


Key Feature: Rotary T3 Compressor

  • Power Supply: 240-220V | 50Hz
  • Capacity Class: 24000 BTU/h
  • Room Air Circulation: 1000 m3/h
  • EER (T3): 11.60 BTU/w
  • Power Consumption: 2,650 W
  • Cooling Capacity 22,000 BTU/h


کولر گازی اسپلیت دیواری حاره ای گری دارای عملکرد سرمایشی در ظرفیت های 12000، 18000  و 24000  BTU/h

دسته: کولر گازی گری

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Manufacture Model No.




24,000 BTU/h


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