Plumbing Supplies Online | Plumbing Supplies near me? – The plumbers choice is ANBI plumbing supply store.

Do you think a skilled plumber or an emergency plumber can provide best plumbing services without having a suitable plumbing tools and good quality plumbing materials? Remember, if you go too cheap on your plumbing and PVC fittings, it will not last. Often a little more investment now will save large money in the future.

We have everything from PVC fittings to solder to water heaters. Basically if you need to put it in a plumbing system, we have it. While plumbing supplies generally include faucets and fixtures, we have decided not to exclude selling these true plumbing supplies, the pipe, valves, and fittings that are traditionally purchased by trade professionals.


plumbing supplies near me

The ANBI Projects division has become the ‘go-to’ choice for leading Developers, Architects, Interior Designers and Contractors, with our products represented in several of the world’s most iconic projects. ANBI carry larger pieces of plumbing equipment and fixtures to tackle bathroom and drainage system upgrades. Regardless whether big plumbing project or small, for every plumbing needs, ANBI delivers best quality products.

What we offers: A Complete Plumbing Solution | Plumbing Supplies Online


ANBI manufactures a large range of sanitary/plumbing products such as fluid master, valves, basin mixer etc. Hence, ANBI Group ensures that you will pay a very competitive price.

The large selections of plumbing products are purchased directly from the manufacturers. We are glad to pass the discounts we receive from the manufactures to our customers. Certainly, we believe that we are and will continue to be the foremost eCommerce plumbing supply store in the world.

ANBI Group is one of the largest plumbing supply store in United Arab Emirates. ANBI is best in plumbing supplies all over Middle East. We provide the finest quality MEP products and services with integrity and dedication to superior customer service at all levels.


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