ANBI is the best pipe manufacturing companies in Dubai. We provide On-Off float Control valves that help to control the water level and the adjustable high-level set point. A control valve is used to control water flow by varying the pipes. Control the process of water flow quantities such as water level, pressure, and temperature. It is power operated, it used to modify the water flow in the system.

Mainly two types of control valves Rotary motion valves and Linear motion Valves. These are plug type closure and pinch-type closure. The control valve is set or designed to open at protecting pressure, the temperature in the water flow. That helps to control the pressure at the water passage. Valve is a device that regulates or control the flow of water by opening and closing in the passageways. Valves are technically fittings equipment.

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110-14-angle Watts ANBI


The valve closes drip tight when the water level reaches in high level adjustable high-level setpoint, and open fully when the water level is below the adjustable low-level setpoint. Then allowing a calculated draw-down of water level to increase tank circulation. High and low water levels are separately adjustable by positioning stop collars on the float rod(s) at the desired opening and closing setpoints.

ANBI Group is the stockist and distributor for complete range of Watts valve in UAE and MEA region. Please contact us for more info.

Source: On-Off Control Valve Watts #LFM110-14 – Anbi Solutions

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