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Gree AC Split System 2.5 Ton G2 matic 30

Gree Split System Air Conditioner G2 matic 30 Piston Compressor R22 2.5 Ton − Wall Mounted


Product Features


1 year Product Warranty, 5 year Compressor Warranty


• Built and designed for high ambient temperatures up to 54°C
• Powerful reciprocating compressor for peak performance even in harshest conditions.
• Easy to clean, Flat, stylish front panel blends with any interior décor
• Protected with Gold-fin coating extends the efficiency of the coil over time by 300% in comparison to Un-protected coils.
• 3D air flow moves the air in all directions for efficient air and temperature distribution throughout the room
• Press “Turbo” button on remote controller to enjoy large air flow and cool the space in a shorter time.
• The remote control is user friendly and equipped with a sensor that senses its surrounding temperatures and signals the unit to adjust the air flow accordingly to maximize comfort

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