What to consider while choosing the Best Sanitary Ware for your project!
When we are building or remodeling a house or a project, we try our best to look into each and every detail of the house. However, when it comes to bathrooms and sanitary ware, we don’t tend to look beyond the traditional age-old ones.

Keep in mind the following so as to select the best sanitary ware for your project:


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Space: While choosing the sanitary ware for your project, ensure that you have enough space to accommodate it. Space should not look overdone with huge sanitary ware installed and no space for anything else. Consider selecting the most appropriate forms or models ensuring at least one-third of the space is free.

Color & Theme: The traditional models of sanitary wares are a thing of the past now. At present, there are sanitary wares available in various colors and models. Also, you can choose the accessories as per the color and theme of your bathroom. Colors always add a sense of vibrancies to its surroundings. At the end of the day, it’s every part of the project that matters and should look the best.

Style: Trending and latest styles of sanitary wares have emerged over the years. Ranging from in-built flushes to different kinds of wash-basins, there are diverse styles available.

Budget: Have a good idea to think about the budget of your project. Remember, if you go too cheap on your plumbing and PVC fittings, it will not last and often a little more investment now will save money in the future. Make a layout of sanitary ware, fixtures, and fittings will give the best results within that budget.

Lifestyle: While considering the project, if you are likely to use simpler, easy-to-maintain and clean sanitary ware, fixtures and fittings can definitely best fit for commercial type lifestyle. All strive to provide that suits every user the ideal renovation.

plumbing and PVC fittings-anbisolution

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